Grow Your Local Brand Through Digital

With South Africa’s online spend being forecasted to grow to over R53bn by 2018, it’s a fact that the eCommerce industry is expanding. Fast. Our powerhouse of experts has a profound understanding of eCommerce & Digital Marketing. Reach a wider audience through us. We’ll promote your products through Social Media & Google Ads to help you increase sales and build a larger customer network. As an online store that offers free delivery service, there is a greater chance to gain a larger customer base. Increased visibility for your local brand: with Localism’s investment in Search Engine Optimisation and Online Promotion, our online shop becomes more accessible to customers searching for your products.

Benefits For Your Customers:

Variety: Customers will be able to get several brands and products from different local sellers at one place. They can shop from local retailers in other parts of the country without being limited by their geographic area.

Convenience: Where else can customers do shopping 24/7 with just one click? Shoppers don’t have to wait till the next local market is happening. They’ll be able to do their shopping in minutes on their mobile through an easy checkout process, saving time and avoiding crowds.

What’s In It For Your Brand

1. A new revenue stream for your brand!
2. Your products on www.localism.co.za
3. Product & Lifestyle Photography for you to use (Localism in-house photographer)
4. Publicity (Featured on online publications such as Durbanite, internal blog articles, photographer portfolio etc.)
5. Online Media Advertising:

a) FB Multiple Image Ads including your products
b) Instagram organic and paid exposure
c) Google Ads linking to your products on our website
d) Email Marketing Campaigns featuring your products


To see our full Sell on Localism Proposal, click here.
If you’re interested, please email info@localism.co.za to partner up with us.
We look forward to hearing from you and have fun together…