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Do you love to sleep, but don’t know what to wear to bed? Then Sleeping Beauty is your local go-to brand! Durban-based Designer Cruisy Govender has one special super power that will make you sleep like a baby.  Cruisy realised very early that sleep is very important for our very existence and a vital indicator of overall health and wellbeing. So she decided to create a stylish, silky soft range of sleepwear garments for women so that they could indulge in the most important activity of their lives. Inspired by Ralph Lauren, she always knew that fashion is not necessarily about labels or brands. She always felt that fashion is about something else that comes within you. Learn more about this unique local brand in our weekly Q & A below.

Localism - Sleepwear

Being involved in the clothing industry for many years, what marked your “sleepwear” journey the most?

Having concentrated on fashion wear for many years I have realized that the in thing to concentrate on is “sleepwear”. The only activity that every person has to do is “sleep”. So the thing that marked my sleepwear journey the most is my customers feeling and satisfaction after waking up in my sleepwear.

What makes you proudly South African?

The things I love most about my country South Africa are the diverse cultures and different ethnic groups. We are a true rainbow nation. South Africa is also home to the “Big 5”- the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo which makes me very proud. I love South Africa’s Bunny Chow and of course, our father of the nation: late Madiba.

What’s going to be trending this winter in the world of sleepwear?

Sheer cool, sexy satin sleepwear for the lady who boldly makes a statement ”I am sexy”

As a designer of lingerie & sleepwear, what’s your favourite sensual outfit?

The flirty short pajamas, anytime. It’s an eye opener.

Where is your favourite local spot to hang and find your inspiration?

The beach. I look at ladies in bathing suits and visualize them in my sleepwear.

What other local brands do you follow?

I do follow Bena loungewear. They produce luxury sleepwear.

Why is buying local lekker?

Supporting locally produced and manufactured goods is good for the economy. Local brands mean job creation.

What was the biggest challenge when starting your own brand and what makes you proud the most?

I had to overcome many hurdles like choosing the right label name, sourcing the right fabric and after overcoming the final product, I am extremely proud.

Do you have some advice for any upcoming designers?

Let your imagination go wild. Always be positive and don’t fear to be outrageous.

Want to buy some beautiful & comfy Sleepwear? Contact Cruisy Govender at or send her a whatsapp at 083 783 4672 to receive her catalogue.

Localism - Sleepwear