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We would like to introduce to you a unique local brand that will give you that taste of summer you’ve been waiting for – Salty Hippy. Inspired by Ocean, Surf Lifestyle and Africa, talented Durbanite Kaylee Muller designs one-of-a-kind tees and vests, perfect to complement any casual day outfit!

All designs are drawn by hand, expressing Kaylee’s free-spirited soul and creative personality. As an Out-Of-The-Box thinker, she is extremely proud of how supportive people are about local brands in South Africa, noticing a rise in opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the country. Taking the risk to start her own business two years ago came with many challenges. Nevertheless, her ability to remain positive, seeking a solution to whatever problems she had to face, helped her grow as a person and turn Salty Hippy into a successful local business.

Besides her beautiful clothing range for men and women, Kaylee also launched a Coconut & Lime Body Scrub and is working towards a full body range. Salty Hippie’s range will be available on our Online Shopping Portal this Summer so stay tuned and read more about this talented bundle of energy through our weekly Q&A:

What’s trending this Summer?

Comfy loose fitting vests with a pair of little denim shorts and strappy sandals.

Localism Salty Hippy

What’s your favourite casual outfit?

Ripped jeans with holes by the knees, with a loose tee, maybe an off the shoulder blouse with my Holster high tops or my casual Vans. Accessories would be rings with my favourite cowry shell necklace.

Salty Hippy Fashion Style

Favourite quote to live by?

“Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.“

Where is your favourite local spot to hang and find your inspiration?

Definitely the beach. I find a lot of inspiration while I’m surfing. Being surrounded by the ocean.

What other local brands do you follow?

There are a number of local brands that I follow, some being Michelle Robyn Jewellery, Beleave, Gabrielle Swimwear, among others.

What makes local ‘lekker’?

Local is lekker because by supporting a small local brand you can change someone’s life. It not only benefits the person you are supporting but also our country. It showcases how much amazing talent South Africa has.

Follow fashionista Kaylee Muller  and her brand Salty Hippy on Instagram and Facebook or check out her range at the upcoming I Heart Market.

Kaylee Muller - Salty Hippy