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She started her journey alone. No guidance, trial, error and barely any faith in herself. Until one day someone saw an opportunity in her.

Iman Sheik, now entrepreneur and local ICE Model has made it her mission to empower young women in South Africa using her wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences in the industry. She is that kind of woman, who lives, breathes and shares her passion so that other girls and women start embracing themselves to be their own opportunity.

Growing up, Iman’s life wasn’t always all dressed up. She was made aware of the struggles of life by losing many family members, being hijacked, and the complex way of finding her place as a woman in society. Her humble beginnings often meant sacrifices, which taught her respect, gratefulness and to make the most out of every life lesson. “I was introverted, depressed, and too skinny. Little did I know that one encounter would end in me becoming a model for one of South Africa’s biggest agencies.  Or better yet, the stepping-stone for my dream of entering Miss South Africa. I went on to be the only Miss South Africa Finalist for Durban at the age of 18. This journey exposed me to the reality of South Africa, and how we need women in power. Like me, many girls need someone to believe in them, someone who they could identify with, but most importantly a woman who would be a narrator for us South African women”.

And that’s what Flourish is all about. Together with Mrs South Africa and Universe Finalist, Trisha Poona, they started their own #TheFutureIsFemale project where they teach girls and women to believe in themselves and to be confident in who they are through a series of workshops across the country. During these interactive sessions they discuss with young women how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, how they can better understand their bodies and its changes as well as show them how to boost their self-confidence through body language, posture and makeup.


Iman also models for many local fashion labels, encouraging South Africans to buy local and ensuring that we support our economy and local designers. “I love the personal connection you receive when buying local products, which is great for someone like me as I love customised orders!”

Find out more about our Localism brand ambassador of the week in the Q&A below:

Being a young entrepreneur and model, how do you balance your life?

I believe if something is important to you, you will make it a priority. Soon it will become apart of your lifestyle. If I want to pursue my dreams, I must set deadlines & make them goals. In order to reach these goals, I set tasks. I believe in doing what makes you happy, your life will always feel balanced.

What do you love about being a model the most?

I have met some of the most incredible people. One being my fiancé. It is a great platform for networking. That been said, I’m a girly girl.. I get to play dress up on the grandest scale. 

What makes you proudly South African?

My family, we are like a pot of curry! We are so mixed. Every religion, language & skin color you could think of! We are the perfect example of the rainbow nation.

What’s currently trending?

T-shirts with powerful sayings or words…like Feminism! Celebs & influencers are making their voices heard!

What’s your favourite outfit?

I love plain dresses, (usually black) that I can wear swap my sneakers for heels with. And a plain diamond studded earring.

Favourite quote?

“Everyone has a story”. It’s from my mom.

Where is your favourite local spot to hang and find your inspiration?

I love any road that has a vibe & food options, Florida Rd, Station Drive & Chartwell in Umhlanga.

What local brands do you follow?

@thevintsger_sa @shopbrettrobson

What was the biggest challenge when starting your own business?

The biggest challenge you will face as a start up business is getting your brand out there! Your Marketing strategy is vital in the success of your business. For me, I am most proud of the change I am making in someone’s life. I experience life-changing moments in these girls’ lives. To know that you are contributing to helping someone is humbling.

What advice do you have for other young models?

Modelling is probably one of the most glamorous jobs you can think of. You get to play dress up on the grandest scale. However it is a tough industry to be in. You get told a lot of no’s, a lot of people will want to exploit you & you deal with criticism on a daily basis. Do not let this define you as a person, perseverance is key. You are your own brand. Protect that brand & you will protect yourself!

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